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People ask questions. They consult with other people all the time. They even pay for it. In many cases, it's good to see who you consult with and what they're talking about. Essentially, that's why we're here. We believe experts can share wisdom with others who may value and pay for the insights.

We've decided to
connect anyone on the planet to the most suitable advisers by live, instant, face-to-face video calls.
On top of that, we aim to
enrich these face-to-face sessions with the most relevant tools. This way, both sides will find online sessions to be even more productive than physical meetings


Deep Interaction

Everyone has chat. Messaging is popular and trendy between friends and becoming popular between businesses and their clients. We asked ourselves - is it enough? Does text really bring the business and client on the same page? 
For those cases it doesn't, we've visioned a much richer communication channel which will not only help the business stand out but also amaze the client.
Video chat and screen sharing were just the beginning. We've added the 3D-Marionette for sales/customer service teams and a collaborative map Collaborative Map for travel makers.


The Team For The Mission

We're a small team with dreams to revolutionize the way businesses interact with clients forever. Our goal is to help people get the right answers at the right time while businesses enjoy effective communication and quality leads.

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